The S3 trigger step allows you to trigger a Flow when files are saved in a specified folder in an S3 bucket. Imagine your have an application which allows for user-uploaded media files. You may want to automatically trigger an AI, such as NSFW AI, or transcode it to a specific format or even just automatically post to YouTube (the example below). With AVflow it is super easy to automatically trigger Flows based on media saved to s3.

[Note: make sure to first setup the correct IAM and S3 resource permissions for AVflow to be able to access the media in the bucket, see here for how.]

Here's how:

  1. Add the S3 trigger step to your flow and select UPLOAD action

Add S3 trigger step:

2. Enter your AWS credentials (you can create an IAM account in AWS for AVflow with just the required permissions) and specify the Bucket and Folder so AVflow can monitor it for changes

Provide AWS credentials and specify the Bucket and Folder

3. Add and config the other steps in your flow. Save and enable the Flow.

How to TEST: Upload a file to S3 to test and trigger the Flow. You can manually upload a file to S3 from the AWS console.

Upload file to S3 folder to trigger the flow

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