AVflow encourages users to publish their flows to help others start using easily. If you are new and don't know how to use AVflow for a specific use-case so you can benefit from published flows. You can get the published flow URL from your friends or other users. The URL look like this: https://avflow.io/flows/burn-in-using-simonsays

Just visit the URL to see the flow detail, clone the flow to your account, re-config, and start using.

1. Click on Clone Flow to start

2. Select target workspace

3. Check and step options and re-config the credentials, save the changes

The cloned flow will keep most of flow step's options except the credential as it is private. The remaining things you have to do is check step's options, change them if necessary to fit your goal, re-config any required credentials and save the changes.

4. Enable the flow, trigger and check the log for flow execution result

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